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On This Day in Black History: May 29
Sojourner Truth delivered her "Arn't I a Woman?" speech at the Women's Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio.
Granville T. Woods patented the overhead conducting system for the electric railway.
Thomas Bradley was elected mayor of Los Angeles.
Bishop Abel Muzorewa was sworn in as Zimbabwe's fist black prime minister.
Vernon Jordan, Jr., civil rights leader and president of the Urban League, was shot and wounded by a sniper in an attempted assassination in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
The Human Rights Watch Arms project reported that France violated the arms embargo against Rwanda and provided arms and training to the Hutu extremists who carried out the genocide in Rwanda.

Today's Featured Page
Queen Tiye
Born in Nubia, Queen Tiye was the Great Royal Wife of Amenhotep III, mother of Amenhotep IV (later known as Akenhaton), and mother-in-law of Nefertiti. Highly prestigious during the reign of both her husband and son, she exerted her influence as queen consort and queen mother of Egypt over a fifty-year period. More...

Previously Featured Pages
James Beckwourth
In 1823, James Beckwourth joined Gen. William H. Ashley's Rocky Mountain Fur Company Expedition, winning fame for legendary skill as a mountain man. More...

King Jaja of Opobo
Strategically located between Bonny and the production areas of the hinterland, King Jaja controlled trade and politics in the Niger Delta. More...

Sunni Ali Ber
It was not until Sunni Ali Ber, a member of the Sunni dynasty, ascended to the throne in 1464, that the rulers of Gao looked beyond the confines of the Niger valley. In 28 years he turned the kingdom of Gao into the Songhai empire. More...

Thomas Fuller
In 1710, Thomas Fuller was born in Africa in the area between present-day Liberia and Benin. At 14, he was brought as a slave to America and became the property of Mrs. Elizabeth Cox of Alexandria, Virginia. Known as the Virginia Calculator, Fuller exhibited extraordinary computational abilities. More...

Sundiata was the son of Nare Fa Maghan, king of the Mandingo, and Sogolon Conde. The union of Maghan and Sogolon was based on the prophecy that Sogolon would give Maghan a son who would be Mali's greatest king. More...

Cowrie Shells
Cowrie shells were the most popular currency within Africa. Pictures of cowrie shells adorned cave walls. The Egyptians considered them to be magical agents and also used them as currency in foreign exchange transactions. Archaeologists have excavated millions of them in the tombs of the Pharaohs. More...

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