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On This Day in Black History: October 8
Officers decided to bar slaves and free blacks from the Continental Army.
Jean Jacques Dessalines had himself proclaimed Emperor of Haiti under the name of Jean Jacques I.
Britain established a protectorate over Bechuanaland.
Norbert Rillieux, the inventor who revolutionized the sugar industry, died in France.
Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson was born.
The Sultan of Zanzibar ceded his mainland possessions to Kenya.
Derek Walcott, poet of the Caribbean, won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
The UN Security Council imposed an oil and arms embargo and travel restrictions on members of the former military junta in Sierra Leone.
Wangari Maathai became the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Today's Featured Page
Norbert Rillieux
In 1843, Norbert Rillieux invented a vacuum evaporation system that revolutionized the sugar-refining process. Production costs dropped drastically with an attendant decrease in retail prices, making sugar more affordable. In addition, his process is now widely used in the manufacture of soap, evaporated milk, glue and gelatin. More...

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Kente is not simply a cloth. Culturally, it visually depicts the historical, political, social and aesthetic tenets of Asante society. More...

Fannie Lou Hamer
Refusing to yield to the position designated to her by society, Fannie Lou Hamer eventually became the embodiment of the changes incited by the civil rights movement of the 1960s. More...

Khama III
In 1875, Khama III became king of the Bamangwato when he expelled his father and brother, Sekgoma and Kgamane. Known as Khama the Good, he was a Christian convert and proved to be more pious than the missionaries. More...

The Kingdom of Kush
The Twenty-Fifth Dynasty of the pharaohs of Egypt was established by the kings of Kush. According to Margaret Shinnie in Ancient African Kingdoms, "The Kushites were the first truly African people to achieve a position of power and to win the respect of the civilized world as it was at the time". More...

Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa is mostly remembered for his extravagant hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca. However, attention should be focused on the effects of the hajj, rather than the pilgrimage itself. More...

Dr. Mark Dean
When you think PC (personal computer), Mark Dean does not readily come to mind. Mark who?, you may ask. More...

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