On This Day in Black History: December 8
President Lincoln issued his Proclamation on Amnesty and Reconstruction.
Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia drove out the Italian forces of General Baratieri from Amba Alagi.
The NAACP filed suit for William B. Gibbs, a school principal, against the Montgomery County Board of Education in Maryland to equalize salaries for black and white teachers. At that time, white teachers were, on average, earning twice as much as black teachers with similar qualifications.
Britain's Race Relations Act came into force, making racial discrimination unlawful in public places. The Act has since evolved with amendments in 1976, 2000 and 2003.
The Los Angeles police department launched a full-scale attack on Southern California Black Panthers in a predawn raid.
Kurt Schmoke was sworn in as Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland, becoming the first African-American to hold that office.
Winnie Mandela was elected president of the ANC's Women's League.
Ethiopia adopted a new federal constitution guaranteeing the right of any area to secede.
The Houston Octuplets: Nkem Chukwu had a baby girl. Twelve days later, she gave birth to seven more babies by Caesarean section. Seven babies ultimately survived.
Firestone, the multinational rubber manufacturing giant known for its automobile tires, came under fire from human rights and environmental groups for its alleged use of child labour and slave-like working conditions at a plantation in Liberia.

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