Welcome to the Black History Pages, a joint effort between 5x5 Media and African Images. My father and I originally created the Pages during the month of February 1996. The premise was simple: visitors to the site would be treated to a single, easily digestible piece of black history every day of Black History Month, with links to books and related sites on the Web.

Every February since then, we have striven to add a month's worth of new pages, folding them into a permanent, always-accessible archive at the end of the month. (New pages are sometimes added during the rest of the year as well.) The pages are not meant to be comprehensive; rather, they are designed to be thought-provoking and, hopefully, to stimulate discussion and further study.

Over time, the site has been further streamlined. We've added search boxes for Amazon to make it easier for people to find books, videos, and other materials related to our topics and a search engine for the site. In 2003 my sister Tamu came onboard, taking on most of the editing and resource research responsibilities.

Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to drop us a line.

—Emru Townsend