Arts & Letters

African American Sheet Music
This collection consists of music by and relating to African-Americans, from the 1820s to the present day.

Ancient Manuscripts from the Desert Libraries of Timbuktu
This exhibition presents manuscripts from the 16th to the 18th centuries, when Timbuktu was a hub of one of the world's most advanced civilizations.

Black History at
A collection of nineteenth-century articles, essays and images on blacks in America from Harper's Weekly magazine.

The Frederick Douglass Papers at the Library of Congress
Part of the American Memory Project, the Frederick Douglass Papers contain over 2,000 items written by or relating to the escaped slave, abolitionist, and orator. A Great Day in Harlem
An interactive look at jazz history, through an exploration of the Great Day in Harlem photograph.

International Council of African Museums: AFRICOM
A guide to the cultural resources within Africa's many museums.

The Martin Luther King , Jr. Papers Project
A cooperative venture between Stanford University, the King Center and the King Estate to gather the written works of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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