Patrice Lumumba

Patrice Lumumba was born in Katako-Kombe in the Kasai Province of the Belgian Congo in 1925.

In October 1958, he formed the Mouvement National Congolais (MNC), which was the only major party that had a truly national base. A nationalist and Pan-Africanist, he mobilized the Congolese people to press for independence.

In June 1960, he became the first Congolese Prime Minister when his country became independent. It was the end of the Belgian colonial regime and the Republic of the Congo formed its first sovereign government.

Lumumba supported Nkrumah's position against colonialism and for Pan-African unity. This prompted the powerful Union Minière to engineer a counter-revolutionary move, leading to the secession of the country's most industrialized province, Katanga.

The Congo was a valuable prize for any imperialist power. Although they fought amongst themselves, they united to destroy Lumumba and his revolutionary forces. The forces of secession, engineered by the forces of counter-revolution two weeks after independence, was part of a wider plan on the monopolists' part, to pit puppets like the secessionist Tshombe against the government based on the power of the people.

When Lumumba tried to move against the secessionist regime, he was dismissed by President Kasavubu. Soon after, he was arrested by Tshombe's soldiers and promptly murdered.
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